Chapter 01

Typical Organization for Standards & Order

01. An introduction.

/ adjective

1. having the distinctive qualities of a particular type of person or thing: a typical day | a typical example of 1930s art deco typical symptoms.
/characteristic of a particular person or thing: he brushed the  incident aside with typical good humour | how typical of Iris to think of such a detail.
/informal showing the characteristics expected of or popularly associated with a particular person or thing: ‘Typical woman!’ John said disapprovingly.

2. representative as a symbol; symbolic: the pit is typical of hell.

Origin /
early 17th cent.: from medieval Latin typicalis, via Latin from Greek tupikos, from tupos (see type) .


Typical Organization, for standards & order, is a studio based in Athens, founded in 2013. Their vocation is not to add new surfaces to the existing but instead they are aspiring to discover the ‘typical’ structure of any relevant subject. Shaping the mostly undefined ‘type’ behind the already existing matter they see their work as an etymological procedure to study origin of form and meaning.