Figures of the Cathedral of Strasbourg

“Figures of the Cathedral Our Lady of Strasbourg” is a publication that came out of a ten-month photographic examination conducted by Laurent Weyl on the iconic semi Romanesque Gothic landmark. With texts from Guillaume Jan in French, German and English the book tells the story of the people that constantly work to maintain this what Goethe named a “sublimely towering, wide-spreading tree of God” build in various temporalities by countless hands.

The cover is referencing the typical reddish-brown sandstone from the Vosges mountains that was used to erected the Cathedral. Spotting some Medieval Proto-Renaissance inscriptions in the images of Weyl we opted to use the typeface Albertus that was named after the medieval philosopher and thinker Albertus Magnus. It was an uncanny fact that we learned later that the iconography of the tympanum and archivolts of the late 13th-century portal of Strasbourg Cathedral was inspired by Albert’s writings.

photographs – Laurent Weyl
text – Guillaume Jan
edition – Céline Pévrier – sun/sun éditions
graphic design / Typical. Organization for Standards and Orders
engravement – Fausto Urru
printer SYL – Barcelone
17,2 x 24,5 cm
248 pages
95 colored pictures
four color-printing
perfect binder
hard cover – hot foil
French – English – German text
April 2024
2000 copies
ISBN 979-10-95233-46-6